Foot & Hand reflexology

Reflexology re-balances you body and mind naturally

Foot reflexology and hand reflexology uses the thumb and fingers to massage reflexes which are out of balance.  These  can be felt by a change to the reflexes texture and energetic balance.  By working these areas and stimulating the reflexes, the body can re-balance itself , unblocking energy pathways.  This can aid the recovery process.   

An imbalance in a reflex can reflect the energetic balance of your physical health and well being, but also your emotional well being.  


What can I expect?

After discussing your medical history, I will answer any questions you may have.  You will be able to relax on a comfortable couch; a soft blanket will be available to keep you warm. Your feet/hands will be refreshed and a soothing balm will be massaged into your feet and lower legs or hands and forearms.  The reflexology session will then start.  At the end of the session, I will give you some aftercare advice and show you a couple of key reflex points on the hands that you can use to reinforce the treatment at home.

Association of Reflexology reflex foot chart

Association of Reflexology reflex foot chart